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Originally Posted by SteveHale View Post
If a single power becomes so over powered that it's a necessity then something is wrong. You can give everyone that power or you can deal with the issue causing such a dependence upon that power.
Buff removal is situationally useful... good when the target stacks lots of buffs, not very good otherwise. So is SNB overpowered? When used in PVP where buff-stacking is common and a necessity, the answer is yes. If buff stacking were not present, then SNB would not be nearly as useful.

Originally Posted by SteveHale View Post
I've offered plenty of suggestions for addressing these problems. Someone else around is always suggesting that you can fix what is broken by piling more stuff on top of it. I'd rather have a strong foundation before I start adding. Fix what's broken rather than trying to cover it up. That sort of thing only snow balls. You can't get much more logical than that.
The foundation has to be created before anything else can drop into place. Unfortunately STO is already well beyond establishing the foundation -- it is already live with the base code present, and only patches are available at this point. If you are suggesting that STO be dropped in favor of its STO2 successor, then I'm actually inclined to agree with you, but we both know that's a ways off.

Originally Posted by SteveHale View Post
If buff stacking is the problem then address buff stacking. Giving everyone buff removal abilities also doesn't address the gap between a buffed and unbuffed target, nor does it sound particularly interesting in terms of game play variety. It's certainly one possible way to go but it doesn't sound like the solution to me.

But uh... here.
So how do you propose buff-stacking be fixed so that no one class holds the keys to the kingdom? Should certain buffs not be allowed to overlap with others? Should there be diminishing returns? What happens when an entire fleet focus-fires on a single ship? Will that ship's allied fleet be allowed to stack buffs to defend the focus-fired ship? These are the problems being encountered now, but the suggestion of "address buff stacking" doesn't really elaborate how to do this. Adjusting numeric resists, damage numbers, etc... still means the same stack all over again. Is this sounding familiar yet?

My proposed solution is meant to be clean, elegant, and easier to code than a bunch of value-related formulas that will slow the STO game client to a crawl. Buff stacking stops becoming a problem when everyone can counter it. Really, It doesn't get any easier than this...

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