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Hello all,

What a lovely forum you have going here, I was wondering if I could tap some of the knowledge and guidance going on around here please?
*Long post warning *
I can offer decent grammar and punctuation if it helps

I'm an EvE online player, so while I'm relatively new to STO and don't have many skill points to play with at all I'm used to planning for the future so would love some guidance. I'm not good at blindly flying around putting skills here and there, I perform better and enjoy it more with set goals and a build to aim for.

I have read up on general PvP tips quite extensively over the past couple of days. I know about firing arcs, escort tactics (speed increases defense etc), cruisers turn slowly so should use beams because of the larger firing arcs and can broadside etc... One should stick with the pack, focus fire...

I think I sort of know how I would fly which ever ship I choose I just need some help picking it and devising a sort of skill plan for it. This is where I would like your help please.

I want to be able to contribute in a competitive way to DPS. I know tactical captains are the way to go for this however I'm slightly worried about flying escorts. I know it's very hard to Alpha a decent cruiser and escorts pop pretty quickly under fire... I don't want to spend my time respawning.
A short burst of high damage is often lesser to moderate sustained damage which I believe cruisers are better at.

So are Escorts really that squishy? Can Tacs fly cruisers effectively (I'd look at a beam setup here, not sure if tacs can support that kind of power drain though...?). Should I just roll an Engineer and try to spec him for damage in a cruiser? I'm not really interested in science.
Ultimately I would like something moderately survivable that deals above average damage that will mount up to competitive damage figures by the end of the round - I can't stress enough that I want to be useful and not just sit there heavily tanked looking shiny. Healing isn't realy my priority either although if I have the capacity to support in a secondary way I will. I'm not just out there for myself.

With my current knowledge that is the best that I can do to convey what I'm looking for.
If someone could help guide me to what kind of officer and ship would best suit my needs, I would be much obliged. Then a guide on where I should put my skill points would be hugely helpful - I can't stress this enough. I have done my best to research this but I have found it very hard to find decent guides on it. I presume this is down to the huge variability with ship type, equipment, personal play style and bridge officers.
I would still like help on this though please. I have done my best to layout my needs and it is pretty much up to your suggestion on what I would be flying so your suggestion on where to put my skill points for it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks all,


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