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08-16-2011, 11:40 PM
Originally Posted by rooster75
I'd drop one of the Tractor beams and move some things around to make room for an additional lower tiered CPB. I'd also drop one of the BA's in the rear and go for another torpedo. Those BA's primarily serve for Target Subs. I wouldn't mount an extra one just for relying on it to proc. The extra torp would probably serve you much better. I use 2 quantums up front and 2 tric's in the rear on my fed shield stripper.

But that's just me. It's still a good setup. Suits the author's playstyle.
There is definitely a lot of variation (and optimziation) potential in the build.

I occassionally used Polarize Hull instead of a Tractor Beam, and sometimes another heal (including Science Team) would also do good. Science has an incredible flexibility in the lower slots.

I decided against another Charged Particle Burst for two reasons:
  • Ultimately, the Tachyon Beam / Charged Particle Burst combination is also a spike attack. A second Charged Particle Burst wouldn't give me any more spike potential then the first already does. Shockwave fixes in this mix much better, as it is a third power I can use as part of a spike, and something that can be very nasty if you're just lost a serious amount of shields are are stunned.
  • I need some heals for at least myself, if not for some team mates.

I am currently not using 2 Tri-Cobalts because i felt I didn't get enough good opportunities to actually use them, and they are also so easily dispatched. I might revisit this at some point. The weapon selection has undergone a lot of variation over time. A 3 beam broadside is certainly nothing impressive, admittedly.

I agree with MVS5191 on that one. Tachyon Beam 3 is great and a must have for a build like this. With CPB 3 that power is very effective. I have two shield stripper builds like this. One on a BOP and another on an Intrepid. Just don't expect it to rip shields on its own. You need to supplement it with either high weapons power or CPB. Very deadly combo.
A little sad is that the lower Tachyon Beams seem very ineffective. There seems to be no reason to use a low level version at tier 5.

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