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Originally Posted by Sollaf View Post
Not really.

Let me play Devil's advocate for a second. (BTW: I don't use Har'pengs). Har'pengs are really nice in pve missions, they do not affect other users, nor diminish their gameplay. Why should PvE suffer for something that is breaking PvP. I have another solution to propose. Ban Har'pengs in PvP, this will make pve happy and pvp happy, (except for those pvpers that use them :p), best of both worlds.

Your are right the majority of the people that equip it see it as a quick fix to a bad build. My escort doesn't do enough damage but when I put a Peng on my damage goes up. It is a skill less weapon you do not need to time your alpha to drop shields to land a regular torp you just LOL autofire peng. And the minority that aregood to decent PvPers are using them in I told you so builds. I am running an B'Rel-R with 4 pengs up front and I am getting 27K+ crits on an alpha. If I was asked to join a team for serious PvP I would jump back into my KDF tac in a raptor.

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