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I am missing these 4 items from the exchange (or Email if they expired)

Phaser Stun Pistol MK IX [Dmg]
Plasma High Density Beam Rifle MK V [CrtH] [DoT2]
Plasma Full Auto Rifle MK VII [CritD]
Positron Deflector Array [ST]

I know I am missing them because I keep a spreadsheet of all my items listed for sale on the exchange. I had to start doing this because when I would get an expired item in the mail I had no idea of what I was trying to sell it for and couldn't reduce the price accordingly. Today when signed in I got returns from the exchange for one of my toons. I checked the spreadsheet and saw that there was other toons that listed items on the same day and I started to go through all my toons. When I got to my main toon there was no emails. I checked what was in my spreadsheet and what was listed on the exchange and these 4 items are missing. I would just like to get my items back .......


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