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08-19-2011, 06:18 AM
Originally Posted by Khemaraa_Iron_Hand_KBF View Post
Being I'm a life time member I have already figured out that as faras Cryptic studios in concerned any thing I say can be entirely discounted becuase I'm no longer a revenue streams.. with that said..

I Looked up my Klingon Fleet. When the game launched we charged in with about 20 players... Theres 3, maybe 4 active players left. ,,, umm,,, I'm not one of them. I show up once in a while to see if cryptic has made good on what they promised yet... which they have not. Not even close. This was a HARDCORE bunch of Klingon players. STO has been pretty much a let down for them big time. WHat a lot of the Fed players don't get is just how bad the lack of content. The Fed players have more mission in the Sirius sector block availible then the entirety of what the Klingons have period. We have nothing camparable and never have. We dont have go to sytem x and take of the situation. DOn't count the repeatable "Way of the Warrior" missions. Those are just the Klingon version of Fleet Missions. And frankly, all by them selves they kinda stink. Mainly because there hasn't been anything else since then.

Right now theres this big content drought. Even Stahl admits it finally. Maybe it because the studio got sold, and thier still dealing with corporate stuff. Either way, cryptic has made a number of statement.. more like excuses.. as to why there has been no new Klingon content.. Not only do I not belive them, I honestly don't think Cryptic belives themselves. "If there were more Klingon players blah blah blah". What garbage. There were more Klingon Players! A Lot More! They Left. They might come back.. IF.. they had something to come back to. The word is out on Trek fan forums. It's certainly out there on the non fed trek fan forums.

So If cryptic wants those player back. They need to do something about the lack of content for the Klingon Faction. As has been noted there are any number of possibilities and excellent suggestions made. If they don't have the staff to create the missions them selves they can cherry pick the best of the foundry missions for the klingons and throw those into the pot with some decent rewards. Of course we Klingons can do them now.. but what we get is a paultry reward for doing 3 missions. This is not going to create the progression the faction needs to draw player back much less in.

Other content, ship, uniform/costme options would be nice and good.. But whats needed above all else is missions. PvP grinding is not missions. Repeatables are not missions.. they are grindage. More story, more mission more interest.

Coming up on two years. Still waiting on what was promised a year and a half ago.

Give me that Klingon content and I will laud STO to the star them selves. ANd so will the rest of the Klingon players.. Thousands of accounts will return. Thousands of new accounts will be created. Right now though whats really happening is the STO has lost its momentum. And my best educated guess is that its barely holding stable subscription wise. Some very bad decisions have been made and there are some suits and ties that are too embarrassed to admit they may have FUBAR'd.

STO will continue. Of that I have no doubt. It will sustain its self for years to come. Very disapointing.
I'll check back in a month or so. Maybe things will change. I'm not going to hold my breath. If the player scream loud and long and say "FIX THIS" maybe just maybe it will happen. But its going to take you Fed player saying it. Because cryptic for sure does not listen to the Klingon players.

SO if you want a multi faction game, and want some bad guys to fight thats aren't AI. If you want massive PvP. Then you guys need to tell cryptic to fix the situation with the Klingon faction. They stopped listening to us Klingon players months ago. We're pretty much entirely discounted now.

You guys are gonna get yet another mid level ship Tier 2 or 3 Science ship, with yet another console that does cool stuff. And you'll get the Enterprise, and some missions/storyarc to go with them. And Utopia Planatia/Mars. The Klingons will get a "Flagship" which is really nice and totally the inititive on ONE cryptic employee. Before that happens of course the Fed faction will get much more.

I've looked in the Klingon game play forums.. I can tell you know, we've given up as Klingon players.
Cryptic will not listen to us.

So I hope you fed players start complaining.. Long, Loud, and Hard. Because at this point your the only hope for a balanced faction the Klingon players have.
You know as almost a 100% Starfleet player I think the Klingons should get some exclusive content privy to their faction, some new ships, new costumes, and finally some story. I think for a season or so I think the KDF should be brought into focus and given some love and attention, because if all else this is one of the BIGGEST flaws of the game their statements on their lack of attention is just pure BS rhetoric that gets me saying NAH YOU THINK!!! HOW ABOUT YOU STOP SPEWING NON SENSE AND ACTUALLY THINK!!. What will bring in more players more Klingon content that is exclusive to them and only them. Because Honestly, as a Fed with endgame being looked at along with fleets and PvP in the next season I hope it does get addressed and soon because I am thinking about dropping my Klink because it is a waste of time.

So all in all devs I HOPE YOU FIND THE ACTUAL CAUSE because like a poor marksman YOU KEEP MISSING the TARGET!!!
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08-19-2011, 08:00 AM
Well to any and all who play KDF now is the time to start to put our money where our mouth is. They are providing us with a four winged BoP, (or is it a Raptor) with the new cannons, to compliment the new Defiant with the new quad heavy cannons, they are opening up the Borg DSEs in such a way that we can team with Feds. Their attitude is if we are serious about our affection for playing KDF we will show. If we don't we can pretty much kiss future KDF content good bye.

It's time for us who play both sides to get on your KDF characters and play em.

It's time to have KDF days.

It's time to encourage those who have been on the fence to roll a KDF toon.

With PW backing STO with money to hire new personnel we should show them we have a population worth hiring personnel to create content for.

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