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08-17-2011, 10:20 AM
Originally Posted by Psi'a Meese
I was just looking through my DS9 Technical Manual. According to that, the Miranda-class (as seen during the Dominion War) was armed with two pulse phaser cannons. Of the same make as the four mounted on the Defiant-class. I wouldn't mind that choice for any of my Miranda variants.
^ Learn something new everyday! as far as the Miranda goes. a refit version would be kinda neat. The original layout was seen with two pulse phaser banks. A weapon I'd love to see make a comeback from Star Trek 2. As far as the Spock Quote goes. If you remember the part where Kirk and McCoy had beamed back with Carrol and David Marcus. He stated that they had partial main power and were still inoperative in lower C-Deck. Which gave the Reliant an advantage in speed and firepower. If the Enterprise had gotten her shields up in time in the first encounter. Firepower wise, they would have been on equal terms.
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08-17-2011, 12:52 PM
Back in the old days, er, 1983 those keen on designing and selling of starship blueprints coined the name, mega-phaser. To identify the beam weapons seen on Reliant's rowbar. The treknobabble wasn't in full swing yet until after TNG. So the mega-phaser wasn't as well-defined as the pulse phaser cannon would be later. But it's fun to consider the tech may be related in some way.
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08-20-2011, 02:37 PM
I wouldn't mind seeing a T5 miranda Refit that is more along a design concept of the BoP. A versatile BO layout, but most fragile fed ship.

One layout They could use is 3fore/3aft weapons. 0.9 shielding, BoP level hull(maybe just alittle more), 3tac/3eng/3sci consoles, slower turnrate then BoP. Either give it a full universal BO set up with a extra console added somewhere or something like this LTcom tact, LTcom sci, LTcom eng, Com universal. so they get one extra Bo power or console slot to conpensate for lack of Battle Cloak.

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