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Lt. Commander
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# 1 PvP ship build
08-22-2011, 04:30 AM
Hi guys, i've some question about my build in pvp, can u help me to meke it better?
I'm a tactical officer with a multi vector advanced escort with:

- fore weapons -
phaser dual beam bank
quantum tropedo
phaser dual heavy cannons (x2)

- aft weapons -
phaser beam array
phaser turret (x2)

- shields -
reman shield

- deflector -
assimilated graviton

- devices -

assimilated subtranswarp

- engineering consoles -
rcs accelerator
eps flow regulator

- science consoles -
multi vector assoult mode
induction stabilizer
assimilated module

- tactical consoles -

zero point quantum
phaser relay (x3)

for boff skills i've:

- ensign tactical -
tactical team I

- lieutenant tactical -

target shield I
rapid fire I

- commander tactical -

tactical team I
attack pattern beta I
high yield III
rapid fire III

- lieutenant engineering -

engineering team I
emergency power to shield I

- lt. commander science -
science team I
transfer shield strenght II
hazard emitters III

whit ships power levels like this:
weap: 124 / 100
shield: 70 / 50
engines: 49 / 25
aux: 53 / 25

Ty for your help

(pretty long, i know but...i'd like to know!)

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