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# 1 Accolade hunting etiquette
08-22-2011, 09:09 AM
Recently I have been going back to the Sirius and Regulas sector block enemy encounters to obtain my accolades. As a Vice Admiral I find it to be a good idea to let the lower rank officers fight their own battles and only intervene when absolutely needed.

I spend most of my time monitoring the lower ranks hull health and jump in when the situation is critical. It is a bit of a challenge to offer a measured response. I try to place my ship in a position so that I will only be able fire a single torpedo to weaken the enemy hull and yet not dominate the situation. I try to be very selective with my targets.

The trick is to assist and not to dominate and offer a measured response. Let the lower ranks enjoy the thrill of killing a flag ship and such.

A good Vice Admiral should support the up in coming players.

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