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08-22-2011, 11:18 AM
Originally Posted by Heretic
Just confirmed with Dstahl about this to make sure I wasn't about to lie to you guys; the current plan is for most currencies to get folded into the new currency; Honor/Merit WILL be sticking around, as will latinum and energy credits. It was just a mixup with badges of exploration and similar currencies. (Yes, even we get mixed up internally between all the currencies, ergo the move to simplify things.)
As I understand it there are 17 currencies currently and after September 22 there will be 4?

If I'm correct:
3 Remaining - Energy credits, Gold-presssed latinum, Merits/Honor
1 Added - Dilithium (name is tentative)
13 Recategorized into dilithium - Badges of Exploration (1st-5th Order), Medals (all 5), Marks (Valor, Exploration, Honor), Emblems

Interestingly enough, Badges/Medals/Marks/Emblems are all listed in one category on the inventory page. I think this 4 currency solution would be great -- you have energy credits for typical gear, merits/honor for renames, training, and respec services, latinum for vanity items, and dilithium for special gear, C-Store items, and perhaps convenience options.

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