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08-22-2011, 12:39 PM
Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
a little off topic and you may not be able to talk about it yet but how exactly will the auction work? will it be like the exchange is now?

so i go out and grind 500 units of (insert currency name) then i place them on the exchange and then what?

a) people bid for them for a set period of time and the highest bidder wins (like e-bay).

b) or i set the price i want say 1000 c points for 500 (much like the exchange is now) and i just wait until someone buys them.

c) or its a 1 point per 1 unit conversion, so that people dont start asking outrageous prices.

d) or is it just like a trade between two people and they decide the value?

or something totally different?
umm, the c-point value has to be set by the player spending them realy in the general supply and demand way the exchange works now, if you remove the option to set (and so vary) prices whats the point in the in game economy. (btw not a fan to be honist of the cash for gear, but hay each to their own and it just gives an option to do it)

summing up i hope it's like selling tribbles or data samples, set the ammount and the total sell price and let the market find it's own level

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