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08-23-2011, 02:52 AM
What are little Ferengi made of?
by mygod.itsfullofstars

Apparently, a Ferengi in the Regulus sector block has an immensely powerful weapon that he means to offer to either Feds, Romulans or Klingons. But all that turns awry when you're missing 10 minutes of your life, and synthetic Ferengi start appearing everywhere.

Story > 5+/5
Love the "captain isnt really under my control" portion
Retaking the mind/programming was pretty awesome.
No complaints and it was really fun to play.

Look&Feel > 4/5
Running around Engineering was pretty hectic and different. Fun.
Good that there's an alternative to the logic puzzle with the forcefield. Math isn't for everyone.
Black person on the computer interface was a little strange.

Technical > 3.5/5
The math/numbers puzzles were interesting but I ended up bypassing all of them.
Spawning extra enemies based on the puzzle was a nice but small touch.

Difficulty > 4/5
I cheaped out on the forcefield hack, and I was pleased to see it get harder and harder. Last one was really tough! I nearly wiped a number of times but only escaped because an enemy was stuck in a wall.
Last space battle was pretty good on Normal too.

OVERALL RATING > 5 stars/5
The plot really did it for me here. Without giving TOO much away, enough tricks are pulled to do some wow-ing. It's worth 5 stars solely based on that.

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