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08-23-2011, 11:39 PM
Originally Posted by Raphezir View Post
The PVP matches really got better since FAW got fixed and all the players started abstaining from SS. Some premades started using SS 2 again cause its in the rules.
"Its in the tourney rules" is the argument i always get when i ask people, why they think using SS2 is ok.
I dont think thats a good argument after all. What comes next is this "Evasive Failure/Missfire" argument. Does convince me neither. I had an Evasive Failure by a SS 1 yesterday. (btw i dont believe a skill is coded different on each level). The target jump can also be totaly sick on SS 2.

So what makes so many people think, that SS 2 is still ok? I tend to think, thats just because they didnt have to deal with more than 1 scramble in the last weeks. Run into a group with 2 SS 2 and tell me, what makes SS 2 not op while SS 3 is.
I think one of the reasons that lower level Scrambles were deemed "okay" was that it competes with various lower level Science powers (especially heals) for attention. You can build a healing-focused Science Vessel that simply uses the Commander Slot for Scramble Sensors. Other powers only work really effective if you combine them with other offensive skills (Tykens Rift + Scramble, Charged Particule Burst + Tachyon Beam + Photonic Shockwave) that might also require appropriate skilling. IF you got Scramble Sensors I or II, you have to take a lower grade heal, and figure out if you can still find something useful in the Commander slot that actually works with your other skill choices.

If you want to make lower tier Scrambles work well skilling into it becomes more important _and_ your only Cmdr level option that goes with that skill is Viral Matrix, which isn't very hot. I think if you specced into Transfer Shield Strength related skills, the other skill is Feedback Pulse, which isn't that interesting either (and its synergie with Feedback Pulse might be questionable, especially if many people use Scrambles - the enemy might not even be able to focus fire on the Feedback Pulse user in the first place).

But I agree, ultimately Scramble is just too annyoing.

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