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This is a purely a theoretical discussion -- but I was wondering , how could we (or the game) make Foundry slots available for players within a certain fleet ?

This thought came to me when I concidered how desparate some Foundry Authors are for new slots (to make new missions in) , and at the same time how many fleet members don't actually use their allotted foundry slots .

My pure guesstimation is that in a non-Foundry focused fleet , there are 7-30% of the Foundry slots being used by said fleet's general population (this includes the slots lost to players who "dabbled" with the Foundry when it first came out , but never actually finished a mission) .
How could we share that resource -- without starting to trade accound info between players (?) , and what should we be asking from Cryptic in this regard ?
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08-25-2011, 03:32 AM
If Cryptic will get the collaboration working in the Foundry, that might resolve some issues - have a friend who isn't "into" mission making start a project and then collaborate with you.

That said, I wasn't aware that there is a limit on the number of missions that someone can create. What is the limit?
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08-25-2011, 04:21 AM

You can have upto 8 active projects... in developement and published.

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