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The idea I 'see' in my head is hard to describe, so 'green screen' will be the closest I can get conceptually. In movies, you can use a green screen in order to show sets and places that cost too much or are just inaccessible. The intent of this proposal is to create a way that we can write missions that use starship interiors, preferably the players interiors, while at the same time not breaking the immersion of said player by using an interior that does not match one they have chosen. My proposal, of course, would be to use this in the Foundry.

Is it possible to designate certain objects on ship interior(this is the main place I see this as applicable, but I'm sure others can be found) as interactable objects. This would be consoles, comm panels, etc. These items would be assessed a static value (Comm_01, bridge_panel_01, etc) and would be represented on all maps of that interior type.

This is where the 'green screen' idea comes in. In the Foundry editor, you then choose a map, which for this example I will call bridge_template_01. On this template, you set whatever events you need to occur on the map. When the mission is published and playable, the 'template' map is a placeholder for the chosen bridge/interior of the player.

Thoughts? Ideas? Derision? I open the floor to see if this is an idea worth pushing for development, or if the technological hurdles might prove too far reaching at this time.

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