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# 1 Don't you just want to laugh
08-25-2011, 08:58 PM
So, I was busy PvPing today and just (I run an escort) got tagged by 4 klinks. I was being an idiot wondering around uncloaked and camping influence zones and BAM, they got me.

Some people get annoyed by this but I just had to laugh. Here I am, watching others do what I tend to do to them. Usually I run max aux while cloaked so I can see how many Klinks may be in the area and wait for a one on one opportunity; unless I have another ship nearby, then I play the numbers. But instead, I made a junior mistake and paid for it.

I just had to sit back and laugh as my ship was blown to bits. It was fun.

But I didnít leave the match without a couple of wins. I have to say, the most fun wins always come against a carrier. However, the best wins come against good BoPís. They tend to have the best pilots. They are very trixy.

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