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# 1 I'm NOT quitting!
08-26-2011, 01:59 AM
I've been playing STO a lot less recently than I did in the past. Since discovering PvP and the dark side (KDF) in the latter half of last year (both of which have been grossly neglected by Cryptic for too long), I tend to hardly do any PvE in game and focus on PvP play.

Whether intentional or not, Cryptic's efforts (FaW, Har'Pengs, broken $target, broken queues and pay to win ships, being the most recent) have culled the PvP player base quite effectively and I for one have been finding it hard to collect the enthusiasm required to login and play STO anywhere near as much as I did in the past. I started playing Battlestar Galactica Online as something simple to fill my lunch hour in the office about a month ago and have found myself playing it in the evenings more than STO recently too. I've even been looking forward to that other sci-fi mmo that is due to launch at the end of the year.

However, I logged into STO last night (was pretty much a 50/50 between doing that and spending another night on BGO) and I have to say I'm glad I did. I've been messing around with a science heavy crowd control build on my Hegh'Ta, taking advantage of not needing much weapons power by spamming Har'Pengs (as a thank you to all the Federation players who insisted on spamming the 'Peng when it was clearly very broken and unbalanced) and its actually been quite fun.

I wasn't overly concerned with which side won any of the games, just trying to see how well I could disrupt the other team's operations with a combo of gravity well, tractor beam, shockwave and warp plasma, while throwing out whatever heals I could spare to my team and seemed to be doing quite well. An engineer running a BoP with full aux and high shields is surprisingly resilient (at least in a non focused PUG setting).

Managed to get in some very enjoyable matches and was considering offering myself up as cannon fodder (minus the 'Pengs of course) in one of the OPvP "big games" that I saw being organised but each time I saw the call go out, I was mid way through a match.

Anyway, the point of this post, is to say that despite the bad points, PvP in STO can be very enjoyable, in my opinion at least (even in its current state), so I'm not quitting!

I know I'm only a minor league player, compared to some of the "grand masters" of the game, so probably wouldn't be missed anyway but one more (human) target to shoot at is always a good thing.

The 'Pengs are coming off my BoP after today and going into sotrage, fun though they are, I do miss the "killer punch" of my trusty DHCs and I look forward to warming them up on the battlefield again soon.


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