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08-29-2011, 05:56 AM
My own escort loadout Ive been messing around with - With pretty good success.

Defiant - Tactical Captain

4x Dual Heavy Cannons

2x Turrets - 1 Beam Array


Borg Set


Field Generator - +7 Shield Power
Borg Console - +Sensor
4x Energytype or Cannons



Tac Cmdr : TacTeam 1 - Target Shield 2 - Target Engine 3 - CRF 3
Tac LtC : TacTeam 1 - CSV1 - APBeta 2
Tac Ens : Target Weapons 1

EP2Shield 1 - EP2Shield 2

Tractor Beam 1 - Polarize 2


Tactics: Decloak fully buffed at shortest range possible (Youll usually get pulled from cloak by Scis at 3-4k range) - Tractor them and unload a barrage of cannonfire into them.. If they pop RSP, TacTeam or other hardening buffs, orbit them so the rear array can hit, and continue to kill subsystems until their defenses are down, once down, rebuff / tractor (if up) and continue the assault.

Pros of this build:

It does significant damage over time, and have a respectable spikepotential.
It have the benefit of not requiring much in the way of energy management.
It is cheap to spec, leaving more points for other areas.
It provide the means to keep attacking an enemy even when RSP, Ablative, high shield resists or Feedback Pulse is up.

Cons of this build:
It doesnt have the insane spike possible with Torpedos or DBB BOLs.

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