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# 1 Tanking A Dreadnaught Cruiser
08-30-2011, 06:10 AM
So far I've been training my Bridge officers with new skills for better tanking. Some of these skills I never bothered with until recently. I used to just go with Emergency Power to Shields and Engineering Team with what ever boosted weapons. But I'm sick and tired of Korrat system, blowing up there that is. I say the Klink ships are unbalanced but sense this wont ever change, I want to hold out best way I can without relying on friendlies being around, that's how the Klinks usually attack, when I go for borg and I'm alone.

Here is a screen shot with some copy and paste bits all in one to show you the entire layout and skill settings I have right now.
Also attached the same image, use the WZR link if the attached is bad quality.

Suggestions are what I'm after, but I wish to later take what I learn here to make a guide in the future for other Dreadnaught users as I've found nothing, literally nothing on Fed ship tanking on the internet except for a long drawn out explanation of what species is best for what and what base traits to pick.

I'm looking for info on What ships tank best, what consoles used, what skills used, what BO skills used and a layout of those.

Not looking for a high damage ship, want one that can take a beating.

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