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08-31-2011, 01:37 AM
Originally Posted by Raketh
Tactical: Tact Team, High Yield Torpedo 1, Attack Pattern Beta 1 (or Beam Overload 2, depending on how you feel! Beam Overload is quite good for your dual beam banks and can hurt quite a bit, but as an Engineer you lack hull debuffs, so this is where Beta can help instead). Save Tact Team for when under heavy directional fire, to get rid of boarding parties, or part of your Alpha Strike to slightly boost weapons damage.
I generally agree with Raketh on this post, except the Beam Overload on a Dreadnaught. It has a shared cooldown with the Lance, so you would be giving up a lot of firepower. I'd go for both HYT 1 and HYT 2 for the Lt Tac slot: It allows you to fire a steady stream of torpedoes. When you decloak and fire an alpha strike, along with the Lance, and if you run your weapon power to 125, you'll have a spike damage approaching that of an escort (almost, and I said approaching! Don't flame me!)

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