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With yesterday's leak that STO is going free to play, I have some Foundry questions that I think we, the authors, need answers to.

1. We need a definitive answer on whether we'll need to subscribe to build missions. That bit about "This is not a sign of impending anything" was put out before the leak, and is now looking very suspect.

2. What level of subscription is required to PLAY Foundry missions? Will F2P players be able to run our missions or will it be limited to subscribers.

3. What level of subscription is required to rate Foundry missions?

4. If we need to pay to build missions, will there be some mechanism in place for those of us who choose not to pay to fix our missions if Cryptic breaks them again. Given the season 4 debacle, this is a real concern. If some of our authors decide to opt for F2P for financial reasons, but would still like to see their missions endure as they left them, under F2P can they have any assurance that they can fix and republish if something goes wrong? Perhaps players could choose to have Cryptic can take ownership of their missions that are completed and wish to "archive" so that it then becomes cryptic's responsibility to keep the up.

Those are my questions if anyone else thinks of more, please post below and I'll add them.

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