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# 1 Idea for new content
09-01-2011, 08:37 AM
Heres my idea for content, add a giant sector, The Delta Quadrent, 100's of lightyears long, at 1 part has massive amounts of borg, and borg missions, another with hirogen, another with kazon, ect ect, have exploration missions that involve fighting X species in X species sector. Inbewteen has regular exploration missions. Make this sector acess to cap lvl only, and such, the sector should be huge. Also if possible add Voyager leading missions in the borg teritory, make more STFs in this sector, and a few borg fleet actions.

Borg Fleet action idea - destroying the borg conduit, 20 players go in to destroy this conduit defended by tactical cubes and the queen as the boss. Each tact cube should have 5million Hull and 10 million shields, they should also do 2 times the dmg as a regular STF tactical cube, the fleet action should be extreamly hard (cause theres too much easy content) And the borg queen should have 10 million hull and 15 million shields, she should run Emergency to shields 3, transfer shield strength 3, and feedback pulse 3, but all ships should have a -1000% damage resistance to transphasics, so a transphasic can do 10k dmg vrs this ships!The queen should have torpedos that do 3000-7000 dmg and run a constant volly of 4, she should also have 12 beam arrays that do 3000-4000 damage and a constant FAW 3.after the queen hits low HP she flees through the Gateway, so the borg are still alive, then u can destroy the gate.

feel free to add ur own ideas for missions.

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