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09-02-2011, 06:33 AM
Yes 20 ships steamroll the event. I didnt say I wanted 20 ships. But 10 would certainly be adequate. and if you actually read all of my post you would understand why I am asking for 10.

I said that I did 3 encounters with only 5 ships each last night. I failed all three. I tried getting in with my team and it split us up. So I was getting stuck with lower level ships. Yes they get boosted to lvl 45 but their lack of weapons makes it much harder. Also I found out at the same time that some of my fleet members were experiencing the same problem. In total my fleet and I did 8 encounters within an hour and failed 6 of them. Thats not very good odds.

I dont want to play something that i am going to fail 75% of the time. They need to find a balance. It should be passable 100% of the time. But if they find the right balance then destroying the Unimatrix ship and the 4 borg groups should take most of the time.

I do acknowledge that with 5 VAs it is still possible to roll through the encounter pretty easily. But there is no way to guarantee that. And since they are 5x the Skill Points of normal encounters we are going to see a lot of lower level ships in the encounters.

Think of it this way: If 5 Lt CMdr ships get shoved into the same instance they will never pass it in the 15 mins allotted. Without at least 1 VA they have no chance even with 1 VA they are going to fail 75% of the time as my fleet experienced last night.

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