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09-02-2011, 06:37 AM
Originally Posted by Quiiliitiila
Now I just have to put my two cents in, or sense in for that matter. Does anyone else have a problem with the GORN having the science ships? Does it make any sense for these large brutish and warlike reptiles to fly around science ships?

Gee no wonder they lost their war with the Klingons, apparently they only make science ships for their fleet!

Come on people there is a reason that the Klingon faction has no science ships, it's because the races making up the KDF have no interest in science! Especially not the Gorn!

Anyone else agree with me?

Consider this:

The Gorn in TOS managed to overload Spock's tricorder by feeding its own impulses back into it.
"Science" in this game does not equal "research", it equals electronic warfare.

Also how many Gorn did we see?
One was the captain of what appeared to be a warship, the other was not actually a Gorn from our own universe but from one where even the protagonists enjoy torturing and backstabbing each other.

You want to base your conclusions on that?
Also here's the usual question when someone comes up with the usual "they are brutes/warrios/criminals not scientists/engineers" BS:
If the entire species consisted entirely of people like the one or two examples we ever saw of them, they'd still be sitting in caves or on trees trying to figure out how to sharpen a stick.

Quit the racial stereotyping based on "evil=dumb" or "non-Federation=dumb" will ya?

BTW: why should the fact that the ships the Gorn get right now represent their entire navy?

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