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08-31-2011, 10:14 AM
ive always had tac captains so an engie on a cruiser is somthing new to me and i still find myself trying to fly a cruiser like a escort and thats not working lol

so at the end of the night started a sta cruier and i was actuly having a blast with it

but im sure i can squeez so much more power out of it then what i got going on and this is only cuz im dumb when it comes to cruisers so heres what i got

all antiproton weapons
3x dba 1x ba
4x ba

x2 eng team1
x2 EM Pow sheilds2
aux tto sif2
em pow to aux 3


polorize hull 1
tractor beam 1
feedback pulse 1

im running full aegis

so the faw ith dem3 was amazing but still feel rather squishy and as you can see i got all my power up front..well ther are verry rare weapons so gotta stick with what i got lol

i was try to hit em pow to aux and the aux to sif then feedback pulse....... hull didnt see to heal verry much but feedback was doing massive dammage like 1000 per pulse which i thought was cool but wasnt impressed with aux to sif maby im doing it wrong

so anyways im reaching out to the comunity in hope to make somthing crazy powerful and also a better understading of the class

thank you much
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08-31-2011, 02:03 PM
I'd ask if you're having trouble with keeping your front end on target with the DBBs-- star cruisers turn like a carnival cruise liner.

As for squishy, I'd suggest tactical team. It keeps your shields balanced, even against a PvP alpha strike, which in turn helps your shield heals deliver maximum points on all sides.

Aux2sif isn't a big healer by itself, but it does give a nice defensive buff to your hull. I wonder if your aux battery has run out before you hit the skill. The one good thing about aux2sif is that it cools down relatively quickly.

You didn't mention consoles: IMO the most powerful piece of equipment in the game is the field generator Mk XI, which you craft at memory alpha. It gives 35% more shields on each side. __Every__ ship should have this equipment.

Edit: I misread your post about your Em2Aux power: you have 3 "Emergency Power" powers in your build. With the global cooldowns being shared, could it be that Em2Aux is on cooldown when you need it? You may want to start equipping Aux batteries, and use them before your Aux2SIF skill (and only Aux2SIF). Batteries have a fairly long cooldown, so you have to be careful there.

2nd Edit: You didn't mention captains skills. Use Rotate Shield Frequencies early and often, and keep Miracle Worker for when your shields are gone and start taking hull hits (please use before you get to 15% hull, lol).
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09-01-2011, 06:38 AM
I'd recommend using 3 forward beam arrays and 3 rear beam arrays. That way, you can put your target at your starboard or port side and hit them with all 6 arrays at once. As far as the 4th front and rear slots go, you can put a torp launcher or dual beam array in the front, and a torp or mine launcher in the back. That way, if they get behind you or in front of you can do some burst damage.

Also, Beam Overload, Fire at Will, and Torpedo High Yield are your friends. :-)
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09-02-2011, 08:14 AM
You shouldn't really be having trouble with squishyness.

If you need more toughness, try Attack Pattern Delta on Tac or some Shield Strength, Teams and Hazard Emitters on science.

I'm guessing the 3xDBB are designed to focus your FAW output? Trouble is you should devote what mobility you have to defensive concerns.

The reason cruiser pilots spread their damage potential around the full 360 isn't because they can't keep their opponents in a particular arc - anyone can work out how to keep an opponent in the forward arc long enough for it to pay off in terms of DPS. The trouble is doing so makes you more predictable and shuts out a lot of reaction/mobility-based defensive options that 'turny' ships don't have to worry about losing.

I'd also ditch emergency to Aux while you have 2 emergency to Shields... you only have a split-second window to activate it every 30s, and all your aux-based powers look like reaction and opportunity based powers.

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