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This is a request to change and rework the Skeleton of the Galaxy Class (including the new Venture variant and the other old versions)

the request is simple

turn [Hull] + [Pylons] into ONE drop down menu,
FIX the geometry so that the parts look as if they would be ONE PART.

do not let us screw around with these 2 parts any longer, it is not needed and makes the ships look worse.

In this specific case LESS IS MORE!

canon reasons:
just look at the Enterprise D,
those are NOT 2 parts, its made of one solid piece,
there is no cut, nothing to swap out, nothing that implies that anybody would have glued these parts together or would ever touch them in a Refit or Kitbash.


STO reason:
it just does not fit together with any of the other parts, no matter what you try... the results are BEYOND UGLY
the geometry parts are either to low, or to high on the Z axis, they never line up in a good way.
the textures do not fit together either,
shadows are thrown oddly at one part but not the other (ok that one is rare and many wont ever notice, but it happens)

the worst thing is, they don't even fit together properly in the DEFAULT combination!

you guys even painted a black outline on the round shape of the new Venture Variant !?
is this an example of the Bug that has become a Feature?

there is not supposed to be a visible shape in the first place,

This is really the only thing i totally HATE about the new Variant.

The new C-Store Ship should be reason enough to fix up the old Ships, if not... all hands abandon Ship!

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