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09-05-2011, 05:34 PM
Short term I would have to say, biggest thing would be a ingame target marking system, borg red alert makes this glaringly obvious.. I invite everyone in my RA to team, and atleast 1 out of 3 times one person who is a VA or lower, decides to go off and solo 2 cubes and 3 sphere's... They don't speak english, all I can do is type their name and follow and pray they can understand.. WoW added it like 3 years ago that the leader could mark targets..

Mid term I'd like to see more of the borg/undine plotline evolve, and cryptic point purchased ships have a VA version.. I really loved enterprise series, and I want the NX, but I can't use it! There is not enough endgame ship variety!

Another mid term would be to see loot evolve a bit, play any mmo that uses similar color coding a common dual heavy cannon should do a lot less than a purple... I used to craft a full purple gear set, but hell green and blue are just as good.

Long term I would like to see more group based activity, the borg quests, and RA's are 1/50th of what should be there grouping should not be rare, this IS a M. Multiplayer O. Last I checked
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Let me start by saying that the improvements made to the game ahve been outstanding!

That being said, I have a few suggestions, ideas to chew may have heard them before and for that I apologise....My first suggestions coud be considered short or mid range depending on how complex it would be to actually implement....The suggestions are based on improving the immersive experience in the game:
1) As in WOW (sorry!), have NPC characters actually turn and face your character when you are interacting with them.
2) Set the default mode to ground (character view) when you log-in....we take the time to create a character first and we play the game as a captain of a ship, as opposed to as a ship itself.....I think this would help us identify more with our characers and other players......even if you logged out while in Sector space or in tactical view, we should log in as our characters on our bridge, rather than as a starship in space....we can always switch to tactical view when needed.
3) Have the Mission Logs actually accesible from the SEATED position behind your desk in your ready room!
4) Simplify the emotes....let us type the emote we want to do (again as in WOW....sorry I keep bringing that up)

Longer range suggestions:
1) Add more voiceovers to NPC's.....again, as in WOW or other MMO's, when you click on an NPC to interact with them, have a variety of short, simple greetings that could be played.
2) If possible, combined with the suggestions of navigating Sector Space from your bridge, would it be possible to show the Space mode in a separate window (like your Map) while on your bridge...sort of like Picture in Picture mode....and when in tactical mode the same window could show an animated view of your bridge (with diferent selectable points of view, maybe)....your character and bridge officers might do different actions based on your use of the Bridge Offciers powers....your character could do something different everytime you issued an action of some sort....the crew and the bridge view could shake and rattle when you were hit by enemy fire....the creative opportunities here are endless....(might even include an option for a secondary monitor for those that might be so you could see both at all times??)

That's about it......that should keep you busy if you feel there's any merit in the ideas.....otherwise just keep doing the great job you've been doing!
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09-08-2011, 09:23 AM
Short long and mid term Fix the exchange please, I liked that you limited it displaying only 400 items. But it needs a time limit on how long your stuff is up there. So that people don't break it, like it is now, by posting 400 of one type of item for an insane price, I am referring to the crafting reagents. Otherwise keep up the good work!
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09-10-2011, 10:55 AM
Short Term:
1. Include or better avaliability of ship plasma weapons XI and XII
2. adding a holodeck(accesspoint) to ship interior

Med Term:
1. bringt unarmed combat in line with meele weapons. either by increasing damage or adding some usefull effects i.e. stun, knockdown, finishing moves.
2. pets for feds
3. carrier type ship for feds

Long Term:
1. Ship Interior, better map, nicer corridors and room, interaction and customization (Playerhousing) - personaly i wouldnt mind if i have only one custom interior no matter what ship im on as long its very detailed.
2. Fleet. Replacing the Fleet Assistance NPC Ship from admiral with the ability to have a pet ship with one of your captain rank BO commanding a captain rank ship. if levelcap is raised increase to two pet ships and than to 3 at fleet admiral. maybe add a MCC(Multi Character Controll) System to switch ships while inside a mission map.
3. Ship Damagesystem, lasting during Missions. (Instand Repair when leaving the Mission).
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09-13-2011, 06:17 PM
Short: More ship weapons, maybe non-energy weapons.

Mid: More pre-TNG ships (I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to the New Orleans and Freedom class ships!)

Long: Ability to customize game soundtrack. Rather than using the built in media player, I'd like to be able to add my own tracks to the ingame music.

Also, I'm sure this has been asked before, but what would be the possibility of seeing the Achilles class ship from "Dominion Wars" in this game?
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09-14-2011, 04:46 AM
What I'd like to see....

Short Term: In the short term I'd like to see more "Feature Episodes", I know with FTP on the way thats hard to do ATM, but again it keeps players, new and old interested in STO

Mid-Term to Long Term: Total Ship Customization- Let us pick our ship from the get-go. Many of us have a favorite ship class, but with the current system we can't use them as they are from earlier tiers. Why not let us pick a ship and have it scale to our level or allow us to modify it as we level by adding console slots, weapons, improved sensors etc, by visiting spacedock and paying a set amount for the modification/upgrade?

Long Term: Many of us would like this one, but the ability to "Pilot" our ship from the bridge, or at least pick a destination from the bridge and have it autopilot us to the destination while we're on the bridge. The Autopilot would be much the same as it is now, the real trick would be Cryptic figuring out how to script the entire bridge/crew to move with the ship as the autopilot makes the transition to your destination. The viewscreen would show whats directly in front of the ship allowing us to see the other systems/player ships as we pass them or while sitting idle.
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09-16-2011, 10:49 AM

-limited time missions would be awsome
-make it so you can change career path without going threw everything again
-maybe add missions exclusive to each rank?




- more storylines

- add more ships to c store that can be accessed at any rank

-maybe add sub career paths?
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# 2598 wish list for STO
09-16-2011, 02:27 PM
Short-term requests__________________________________________ ________________________

Fix the ever spinning ship issue going into PvP instances and warping from sector to sector.

Have the developers play World of ******** (alot! )to learn about a group queue system that had been perfected and works well

Hire some good reputable player's <stares at the ceiling whistling a Klingon show tune> to work the bars and meeting places actively as color characters handing out bar related only missions, prizes, and goodies. This is a universe populated by very knowledgeable folks in Star Trek lore. Many of of which spend at least some time at the meeting places unwinding from a hard day blowing up Borg, spinning their tales. Many much more then "some" time. Look at all the serious role playing fleets. It's a seriously un-tapped resource your over looking. It would also give you some needed moderators in those places.

Mid-term requests__________________________________________ ________________________

Put a join-able bar fight feature into Drozana station.

Add a bar to memory Alpha

Let Klingons from the Borg front come to DS9 to unwind under open treaty like Dorzana station....Quarks just isn't the same being run like a boy scout camp.

please let me buy an Orion rags costume for my federation Orion. (big revenue on cryptic points there boys!)
Or...even better yet make a mission like "comet, & Nerve tonic" out of it with the outfit a prize!

Long-term requests__________________________________________ __________________________

Add more ground missions.

When ground mission queues don't fill after a certain period of time allow spots to fill up with bridge crew to fill vacant spots.

Pump some money into this game before old republic come out...your in for some heavy competition my friends.
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09-18-2011, 02:54 PM
Short term:

Stop undermining the ship tier system. Remake it completely, or release *only* ship skins.
Make it worth it for people to stay subbed or go Gold after F2P.
Make all Boff stations upgradeable to CMDR with the boffs.

Long term:

More missions.
*reasonable*, cosmetic only C-Store items
more crafting
more ship interiors
Goodies for fleeties. :3
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09-26-2011, 03:32 PM
As someone rather new to the game (old account but loooooong gap) and taking another hiatus due to diffculties:


- Fix Caitian Manes. They look terrible, my character is bad without hair of some sort (yes I see the irony ).
- Fix the cloned Bridge Officers. Like the Caitian Manes this gives me the impression the game is unfinished or allows stuff to remain unfinished. Generally lowers the game's quality.
- Provide some other general game quality improvements. I feel I have been paying for an unfinished product.


- Improve the starting experience. You go from a rather cool intro mission arc to being shunted towards pointless tasks like explore a sector or defeat enemy contacts. Shunting players into repeatable quests this early gave the impressions little thought is being paid to content. If story quests are there, they need to be more visible.
- Better internal ship customisation. This doesn't feel like my ship.
- Less focus on C-Store early on. Give us more options without forcing us to pay for it on top of a sub. With all the C-Store uniform items and adverts being rammed in my face I started to feel I was being taken for a ride.
- Lower the overall cost of playing. No offence but the quality of this game is not worth what I have paid for over the last few months. There are far more polished games out there for cheaper.
- Continue with game quality improvements.

- Improve graphical performance and animation quality.
- Voiceovers.
- NPCs and player models should not feel like I am back in the mid-00's.
- Give a more structured means of levelling. Improve the experience when questing. Running around looking for one last interactable item in a huge map is bad.
- Remove poor quests. I had one to run back and forth between two NPCs talking to them. It was a joke and frustrating.
- Vastly improve environments. Qo'Nos is all in alien language. No markers on the map for hubs make it ahrd to navigate. Instance maps have invisible walls, fade out instead of going through doors with animations to enter buildings. No real sense of being on an alien planet, fed bunker, etc etc.
- Final improvement to game quality. Make it look polished!

Some of it probably has been posted here before but this is the view of someone still pretty new to the game. I'll try F2P I guess but I just don't feel the game is worth paying it's current cost right now. Not with considerably better options available or on the horizon.

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