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Hey everyone!

I apologize for starting Yet Another Thread on this, but after a day of google-ing I still can't find any completely conclusive information - there's always someone claiming results that differ from testing done.

So, I just got my Engineer up to Read Admiral Upper Half, and decided to move him from an escort into an Assault Cruiser, and go full on beam boat - I just want to know how far I should push my weapon power to keep things effective; my OWN tests have been inconclusive. XD

Running at a flat 100 weapon power (95 + cruiser bonus), I can maintain an 8 beam broadside and have my Weapon Power tank to 30 or so. That's not unexpected. If I bring my power to 124 (Borg console, 2x+7 weapon power consoles) it drops to around 55-60 during a broadside. A little more than I expected, but not too far off the mark.

If I throw on EPW2, that adds another 30 weapon power in theory. My 8 beam broadsides bottom my power out around 80 or so. If I tack on EPS Transfer for ANOTHER 30ish power, things still seem to only bottom out around 85-90. This seems counter to the claims I've seen made that you can maintain 8 beams and still be at 125 power while firing.

Now, don't get me wrong, my PvE dps is great, and I'm not really sacrificing much durability (though I'm useless in PvP, but this is a PvE exercise for me.) I was just wondering if anyone has recently and conclusively figured out what the mechanics are? I know there seems to be some odd interaction between max usable power and max power and how fast usable power regenerates due to EPS consoles, but...

So confused. Halp?

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