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Hello STO community,

Each week, the crew of Podcast UGC reviews 2-3 missions (when the Foundry is working). At the end of each month, the hosts make their top pick for a spotlight showcase at Starbase UGC. They've done enough of these monthly spotlights that I want to share this list of winners. Hopefully, this list will complement "The Nagus List" that is stickied.

Here is the list. The ones in yellow were chosen again during a "best of spotlight" when the Foundry was down for a month.
  • “Chronotons and Klingons” by PFDennis
  • “Class Dismissed Part I – II” by CaptPFDennis
  • “Conjoined” by DenizenIV
  • “Dead in Space” by Eurrsk
  • “Duty, Honour and Sacrifice II” by Cerberusfilms
  • “Fek’ihri Invasion” by Napoleon Blownapart
  • "Hidden Intelligence" by Bazag
  • “Infinitesimal Frontier” by Dixonium
  • “Murder on the Sapphire Tide” by Scribe407
  • “Neutral Zone Infraction” by Alexandus5787
  • “Personal Reflections” by XR-337
  • “Project Echo: A Lost Reflection” by rfrance74
  • “Revenant” by Honeymane
  • “Slaves & Seductions” by Kirkfat
  • “Starfleet Experimentation” by Bazag
  • “Stormfront” by Rjc_Foxtrot
  • “The Hunter and the Hunted” by Cassi.o.peia
  • “The Mysteries of Pon Farr” by Bazag
  • “The Return to Terra Nova” by Kirkfat
  • “The Second to Last Outpost” by OldLordSkull
  • “The Spirits of Ramok Nor” by Alimac30
  • “The Syndicate Extraction” by Galactrix
  • “Unholy Alliances I-III” by Soriedem

If you'd like to see your mission in this list, please leave a reply asking the podcast to review your mission, if they haven't already. If they review it and then choose it as one of the best of the best during that month, then it will appear on this list.

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