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09-07-2011, 11:53 PM
I look at all shield arrays for what they are. Borg shields are regenerative. Regardless of those special procs unless your running at a decent shield power level I don't think they will help you in the long run. That's what covarients are for. My cruiser shields power hover in the high 70's low 80"s when my weapons are at 125. I can comfortably drop my weapons power a few notches to get my shields at 100 power level. In that regard regenerative makes a little more sense. A tac escort at 125 weapons power is gonna see average around 60 and a higher shield capacity is going to make more sense. Breen shields are resilliant middle of the road capacitly and unless your fighting MT and his polarons might as well not even bother. Breen engines are nice for escorts because of the +7.5 engine power bonus. They are combat and are efficient at lower power levels so cruisers actually get better results from Aegis which is hyper impulse and efficient at higher power levels.. Soooo my set right now on my cruiser is borg shields, Aegis engines and breen deflector. Good for an agile Excelsior

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