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Please allow us to name our own Alien Species. What strikes me as odd as having everyone who chose "Alien" be displayed as "Alien" is that every Species is an Alien to each other, so therefore by this logic (and a Vulcan would agree), every player in the game whether or not they chose a specific race, should still be displayed as an "Alien."

For me, I would love to be able to display that my character is Half-Betazoid and not just an "Alien." For other, they want to make up their own Species, like I did back in Open Beta, when I created the Zebulonian Race from the planet Zebulon Prime.

I'll try and recount some of the related ideas that other players posted in the now archived post, my apologies for not being able to recall who posted what idea and if I don't recall the idea exactly as it was originally posted:

Also add a Borg Designation Number to all players, including Alien Species. Allow players to be able to input that Borg Designation at character creation so that they can make the same species as another player has created as well as when customizing our Alien Bridge Officers.

Now, just to set aside some quams. Someone also posted that this would allow people to make races that are socially unacceptable in Star Trek or some derogatory term. However, this point was made irrelevant for the simple fact, that by that logic, we shouldn't even be able to name our own characters, our ships, or our bridge officers. What ever makes it past the filters is usually always spotted by an in game employee or by the Community itself.

Please give your constructive feedback on this as well as any related ideas that could be implemented along with this to give us "Aliens" a better sense of belonging in the Multiverse.

Thank you for your time.

(original thread from 2010)
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09-09-2011, 06:13 PM
for legal reasons it is very unlikely being able to name your alien species will ever happen. there would be a considerable number of ownership and copyright issues associated with it

in short, don't get your hopes up

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