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09-10-2011, 01:33 PM
Originally Posted by Radiant_Darkness
I've been around since beta, i actively play both sides, and i've played every class of ship, and from my perspective, the BoP universal slots were tantamount to a consolation prize for the lack of klingon content present at launch. Nevertheless, i've never felt that the versatility afforded by the 4-universal slot layout of the BoP is something that should be owned by one faction or another.

Why shouldn't just one faction have a 4-universal slot layout? Isn't that the point of factions in an MMO, one has unique strengths and weakness over the over and visa versa? At this point, the lines between Fed and Klingon are blurring. We basically are going to see two factions, Federation and Federation Lite, since everything that was uniqulely Klingon the Feds will be using, making the Klingon faction a neglected practically PvP faction, since the Feds are going to be using Klingon stuff anyway, the way things seem to be going.

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