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# 1 Scramble suggestion
09-14-2011, 11:12 AM
I know we have all inclusive threads going and such... I just really wanted to Put together everyone's best idea for a scramble fix. What does everyone think the idea SS would look like... to make it 1 usable with out others wanting to kill you... and 2 not so unfun that our friends desub in disgust.

Here is solution... changes that I think would make it an intresting skill with out being the type of hilarity that makes people want to log.

I would say;
1) turn everyone enemy to fix the cloak issue.
2) reduce effect duration by at least half... perfect fix would be to decouple it from aux and give it set duration times like jam sensors... something like 10, 14, 18 sec or so.
3) just like jam before it (Jam was fixed long ago) Make it fragile (Jam did not start that way) at X amount of dmg... from (ANYONE, or sci ships with no weapons become even more popular) have it break the effect early.
4) Limit the Aoe to a max of 3 targets.... (this still lets it be a dumb overpowered pve ability, while making sure there is always two team mates that are not "enemy" to help with sci teams) I don't think it happened often where someone got a perfect shot and scrambled 5 people anyway. Really though we don't want GW x 5 and SS 3 x 5 to get common.

That is my SS fix.

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