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i usually take the level appropriate badge(s).
i guess i am just not much of a gambler.

so when i had 11 quests completed today (10 x Borg Invasion + 1x set of 3 Foundry Missions )
i copied my char 12 times to Tribble and did a little testing what kind of items i could expect to get out of this reward.

here is a picture of the results:

from 132 level appropriate items
i got
- 14 BLANKS (bug? intended?)
- 3 Mk XI purples
- 5 Mk X purples

if i had chosen the level apropriate badge it would be 120 Emblems from the Borg Missions, and 33 Emblems from the Foundry Missions = 153 Emblems.

- i used a Federation Vice Admiral 1 for this test.
- i don't think that Mk X is even "level appropriate" for a VA1 ?!?!?!?

- note: i don't know if the "blanks" i got was a bug or intended?

- note: i don't know if the Foundry Reward uses a different loot table than the Borg Invasion Rewards,
3 foundry missions take a LOT longer than a single Borg Invasion so it would only be fair if it had a 3 times better drop chance, the game shows no indication that the item is any different.

my personal conclusion is that the Emblems give me better bang for the buck.
i can CHOOSE which items i buy, those 3 Mk XI purples were nothing i would have used, and the drop rate of the appropriate item does not seem any better then what i get for Emblems anyway.
Of course if you sell the crappy green and blue items you get a bunch of additional Energy Credits to spend on Dabo.
So judge yourself what is best for you.

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