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09-16-2011, 02:42 PM
Originally Posted by zombie619 View Post
the holes and errors ar when you mix it with the vor cha....try this mix th vorcha mission pod and tor hul then view it fro the aft and 45 degrees below
I have a mix of all 3 Vor'cha skins on my retrofit cruiser.
Vor'cha Pod, Tor'kaht Hull and nacelles, Vor'kang neck and the Tor'kaht saucer.
What a sexy beast...
Has the Borg set equipped, Reman shields...
Looks just "holes" or apparent graphic errors to me, even when zoomed in.
Don't think I changed the windows, not sure about all that.
Donno, man...maybe it used to but got fixed...?
In any case, I like the Vor'cha skins.
To each his own.

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