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5/14/12 Update: The trilogy has been put on hold pending the upcoming Season 6 Foundry improvements. (To this point it's been on hold because my Real Life got crazy and I just didn't have time to focus on the Foundry.) Once Season 6 is available, Bishop's Crook will get some minor remastering, and then the other two parts will shortly enter development.

Republished! as of 12/7/11


I would like to present to you my new mission...

Bishop's Crook

"A Starfleet ship acting on sealed orders in the Romulan Neutral Zone has gone missing. You and your crew has been called up to help it find its way home. But the mission went terribly awry and the consequences threaten to explode into a three-way battle for control of the ship's fate!

Who was the USS Bishop pursuing? A dangerous criminal who leaves chaos and conflict in his wake... but was he really after the Bishop's demise? Or is there some other agenda at play? Will you be able to save the Bishop's crew from an ill fate at the hands of one of the Federation's most vicious enemies? Time is your worst enemy as things spiral out of control."

What this mission offers: Ongoing plot, moderate combat, two puzzle challenges, and two alternate resolutions to the story's climax! May be best played as solo, or as a group with one puzzle solver (I'm not sure how the puzzles will respond to groups).

Additional Info: This is the first in a three-part story that I'm calling the "Ties that Blind" arc, but each mission is written to be a self-contained plot in its own right. Two of my in-game RP characters feature as major NPCs in the arc (though you don't see much of them in the first story). I'm interested in feedback -- this is the first Foundry mission I've published, but I've been practicing on Foundry content for a while now, before I finished a project that seemed worthy of publishing.

Have fun!

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