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# 1 Group Healing Advice
09-17-2011, 08:48 PM
So I'm looking for some advice for my ship setup and bridge officer abilities. I currently fly the Nebula refit and I'd like to keep it. I want to set myself up so that I can heal groups both shield heals and hull heals. I'm sure I have some things here that are either redundant or not needed at all. So here we go.

Ensign Science: Hazard Emitters I
Lt. Tactical: Tactical Team I, High Yield Torpedo II
Lt. Engineer: Emergency Power to Auxiliary I, Engineering Team II
Lt. Cmdr Engineer: Emergency Power to Shields I, Emergency Power to Auxiliary II, Extend Shields II
Cmdr Science: Science Team I, Transfer Shield Strength II, Hazard Emitters III, Charged Particle Burst III

I'm thinking I only need one Emergency Power to Auxiliary. Other suggestions?

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