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09-14-2011, 06:52 AM
Originally Posted by startrekfan View Post
That's right. I recommend 3 DHCs & 1 torpedo or 1 DBB (fore) so you can use Rapid 3, HY 3 or BO 3, AP Delta or Beta and 1 copy of TT 1 (2 turrets or 1 turret and 1 trico aft).
You must experiment with your BOP so at the begining of your adventure with this awesome ship you can use PSW 1 but TBR 2 or other nasty sci powers (exept SS) would be also good - everything depends on your personal preferences and experience.
Since there's no place for AP Omega in this build, you can use PH 2- it's good for tractor beams and hull tanking. If you will choose PSW 1 and "sneaky" way of fight: decloak, stun, attack, you will also need tractor beam 1.
I wish you good luck with finding the best build for you Zombie619. You will find soon that BOP (even if it's the most squishy ship in this game) can be awesome killer and it's still STO's Ferrari.
My current BOP:

3 DHC 1 Quantum 2 Turrets - Borg Set

TacT1 - Spread2 - Omega1 - CRF3
Tractor1 - HE2 - PSW1
EP2S1 - ET2

Old fun build:

4x DBB - 2x Turret

PH1 - HE2 - PSW1 - TBR3
TacT1 - APB1 - FAW3
EP2S1 - EP2E2

Planned fun build:

3xDBB 1x Quantum 2x Turrets

PH1 - HE2 - PSW1 - CPB3
TacT1 - Spread2 - BOL3
EP2S1 - EP2E2
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09-14-2011, 07:57 AM
thanks for the input guys made it to commander 7 last night and am cruising along
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09-15-2011, 06:07 PM
Not a serious build but quite funny to pilot it in Cap & hold or whatever. Get 2 DHC (energy type doesn't matter) 1 Quantum / 1 Tricobalt for the front and 2 turrets in the back. Additionally you could get a photonic shockwave to doubble stun your target. Since the global cooldown has been reduced to 1 sec you can fire your Tricobalt and Quantum quickly one after another.


Com. Tac: TT1, RF1, HY3, RF3
Lt com. Sci: TB1 / PH (Polarize Hull1) or TSS2/ PSW1
Lt. Eng. Epts 1/2
Lt. Tac.: TT1, HY2

(This build is rather made for PVP since it runs a Polarize hull to give you immunity to Tractor beams)


Com. Tac.: TT1, AP B1, HY3, RF3
Lt. Com. Tac: TT1, RF1, HY2
Lt. Eng.: Epts1 / Epts 2
Lt. Sci.: HE1 / TSS2

Some suggestions for your Bop build. All in all you have lots of possibilities to setup a Bop. You can do even a support Bop for your team mates as full healer. Mess around a bit and you will get the build you'll like.
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09-16-2011, 10:29 AM
With mine I stuck with disruptors all the way.
Cannons and a torpedo, since the BoP is a ship with enough of a turn rate to make cannons pretty efective since it's easy to keep them in arc.
Add a little rapid fire, maybe a high yield or Torp spread...
And since BoPs have the weakest hull and shields, you have to learn to hit and pull back a little, not stand toe to toe with cruisers and larger ships because it's hard to last long in an extended exchange.
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09-16-2011, 11:49 AM
On a Tac BoP I'm using

2 heavy cannons, dual beam, quantum torp
2 turrets all Anti Proton

TT1, RF1, BO3, AP: Beta 3
TT1, RF1, HY3

Power to Eng 1, Power to Shield 2

PH1, TSS 2

Only use this when in Ker'rat. No hull heals so its a hit and run type, cloak and go 100 aux for natural hull healing. Works pretty good.
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09-17-2011, 02:39 PM
Originally Posted by zombie619 View Post
i swear photons are faster all around
Photons are slower in reaching the target, Quantums are quicker. The reload timer on photons is only 6 seconds, on quantums it's 8 seconds. When I fly Cruisers/Sci ships I stick with Photons because of the better shield/hull damage ratio. On escorts I stick with Quantums due to their enourmous hull damage potential. It's easier to plan your quantum shots also in a high damage packing cannon toting ship.
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09-18-2011, 04:44 AM
Quantums > Photon torpedos even on a Sci ship.
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09-18-2011, 05:40 AM
My current tac bop (Cryox) BO skill set up:
Commander TAC - TT1-TS2-Omega1-CRF3
LtCommander Sci- ST1-HE2-TransferSS3
Lt tac -TS1-CRF1
Lt Eng- EptS1-EptS2

* I used to have only one Uni BO position for Tac,which worked fine with an all Cannon build (TT1-CRF1-Omega1-CRF3) but the crits u get with T Spread are amazing and it does increase spike dps.
I ve tried many times a set up without Omega and Pol Hull instead but it never worked for the current pvp scene of nothing but multiple tractors,warp plasma,Photonic shockwaves,Repulsors....etc Attack Pattern Omega has become a neccessity.

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