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09-18-2011, 08:33 AM
The ailing rust bucket excelsior comes to mind for a tactical captain who likes cruisers. It has an inherant faster turn rate which is favoured as well with the extra tactical slot and ability. If you want to stay with your dreadnaught tree do try the assualt crusier as it is more noticably faster to maneuver and has three slots instead of the dreadnaughts two.

Since I dont have any information on goals and prefered playstyle Ill stop at the rudimentary must see space builds as what will be posted here.

Ship wise? Its all about what you want to perform in your game and have your ship do. If you like a support ship that can soak hits concurrently use a star cruiser. The dreadnaught is good with the right weapon skill tree and consoles although Ill stop there in recomendations for the above stated reasons.

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