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# 1 An Idea for Low Level Klingons
09-18-2011, 05:44 PM
Hey All

I was think about the lack of content

How can you skip all that, a lot of folks are worried.

So I thought to myself, Klingons have carriers that can launch fighters and birds of prey right?

So who pilots those ships?

Obviously it is low level KDFers.

So why not craft an early campaign based off a klingon carrier, perhaps showing the capture of the gorn or the opening battles of the war, instead of all this flavor text on the load screens.

You start in a fighter and get a bop at ltc and finally prove your honor and worth and get your own commad at commander.

Just an idea...

Oh and you could probably get the good foundry authors to make these missions if you were really nice to them

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