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09-20-2011, 07:12 AM
Originally Posted by Heretic
On Geko's list of things to do is a major review of space powers, and PvP issues will be addressed in this sweep along with everything else. The cold fact is that since launch there have been an accumulation of inconsistencies and issues that need to be straightened out, and doing this is going to be a major undertaking. Tactical Team is a case in point; the power has had its functionality slowly added onto since launch, until now where it has gotten to the point that it is a must-have ability.

That being said, even prior to when this major review can happen, we are trying to hit some of the more egregious issues that are less controversial or technically problematic.

Geko and I have been looking at Tactical Team, Boarding Party and the B'rel cloak healing issues this afternoon towards exactly this end. Specifically, we are considering increasing the recharge time for Tactical Team (reducing the cleanse time is problematic because of the duration of the shield rebalancing component of the power), which should also indirectly buff Boarding Party. In addition, we are getting some engine support to help alleviate some of the B'rel's pain. When the carrier changes go in, Boarding Party shuttles will also receive an additional defense bonus to improve their durability.

Discussions on Scramble Sensors continue. We are also looking to see what will be the next power or powers we can tackle given the above considerations.
On tactical teams. Would it be possible, to reduce the amount of cleansing tac teams have on boarding parties (maybe in combination with increasing defensive levels of boarding party shuttles)? or if increasing cool down time has to be done, to increase the duration of the shield rebalance. Or just make tactical team a tactical captain ability only.

I think the problem with increasing cool down on tactical teams is that its a ability that tactical captains have to keep them alive in pvp. As engineer captains have rotate shields, etc, tactical captains can have the tactical team ability, since most tactical captains have lower hit points already.

Really, maintaining the shield rebalance as it is, is a main concern of mine. IMO.

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