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09-20-2011, 09:26 AM
Originally Posted by havam
*wohoot* welcome back, and yes fix the counter, add an immunity, so no chaining, and we're all happy, but hi what do we know...
Thanks. I know only two things for certain.
One can't be spoken of for religous reasons, the other is three words needed to make someone love you forever.

As to SS. Its annoying to be under multiples of this power in PvP but I see that not as SS fault (or anyones fault) and more of a tactic similiar to focus fire on a target.
If I had the option for a reliable counter, maybe a short immunity to discourage easy stacking (how does one scramble somebody three times and it not unscramble them?) and I would have no complaints.
Even now its an annoyance due to its rampant use more than what it does and I'm tired of having to leave battle under cloak, lose target only to return to combat a few long seconds later to be SS'ed again.
Thats the extent of my grief with SS, its annoying. Its my fault for not having the counter (ST) on my build, Cryptics for not fixing the ST to be reliable and the spammers of it only because I find it annoying (which is really no fault of thiers for using a tactic in combat and only frowned upon due to its spammage)

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