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# 1 Quick DPS Question
09-20-2011, 02:46 PM
So I've been debating something and wanted a little advice / help.

Would it be better overall to run 4 Turrets (two front / two rear) or 4 beams (two front / two rear) - both at around 75 - 100 power? Yes the overall DPS is high when broadside with the beams but you technically cant be broadside 24/7..... So was wondering if the extra 100 or so DPS was still worth it?

Max skills @ 85 power for beams according to the calculator is 1360 DPS Broadside and 855 front and rear. Like wise same setup but with turrets its 1100 period.

So was wondering what people thought overall?

Also was thinking you would be using 8 less power per full volley with the turrets then with the beams.


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