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# 1 Photons, Quantums, or Plasma?
09-21-2011, 12:27 PM
With the switch to a one second global cooldown for torpedoes I've been thinking about trying out a spread of three or even four fore launchers with turrets aft. When I look at the various torpedo types I find it a little confusing that everyone I know seems to believe that quantums are far better than photons. If I'm comparing two torpedoes, both very rare XI, one photon and one quantum the photon does almost as much damage, fires faster, has a higher dps and more desirable bonuses.

What about the tiny amount of extra damage makes quantums so special?

And also with the new Torpedo Spread how have Plasma torpedoes fared in terms of dps? I know plasma torpedoes aren't exactly popular but I have a certain fondness for "older" weapons.

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