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# 1 Fleet Escort Help
09-22-2011, 02:26 AM
Hello all.

I am still fairly new to the game. I was hoping to get some help with a tactical officer. I currently have played a Science officer in a Sci Vessel, and a Engineer with the Kar'fi.

I was looking at the different T5 escorts. I picked the Fleet Escort as my initial one to use. My thoughts on that was it would allow me to make mistakes in PvE, and STF. Also possibly a little PvP. My main goal of course is PvE. I don't have a high desire to PvP with it. Of course I am hoping time I get to VA on the Tact that, the Fleet Escort for me will be a bad choice.

I was thinking of using a Anti-proton build. With a Dual Heavy Cannon, Double Beam Array, and two Dual Cannon, for the front facing with 3 Turrets in the back.

I am not to sure with all the bridge officer skills I should be wanting to use and how many. I was looking at 2 tact team 1, 2 cannon rapid fire 1, 1 beam overload 3, 1 attack pattern beta, 1 attack pattern delta, and a attack pattern omega. Not to sure on the skill ranks for these. Also for science picks. I thought sci team 1, and Hazard Emitters 2. As for the engineer skills. I was thinking 2 emergency power to shields 1, and one aux to dampers 1. I also picked for space traits accurate, and elusive. I am still a little lost in the skill system. If you can suggest skills and the rank I should use, be helpful.

I did find a great write up under the academy forum for skills and how to get the most out of them.

As for the consoles I am not sure what to use. Also what I should be looking for in my shields, deflector, and engine slots. Also any advice on the power level settings I should be use.

I am still learning the game, so if you use acronyms please spell it for me. I am not used to all the terms yet. For me I am having a heck of a time trying to fly a escort, as from my other two characters. I am used to beam boating. I am sticking with the escort, and could not find a lot of help on the matter from searching the forums.

Thank you, in advance for any help.

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