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# 1 HUD and Powers questions
09-22-2011, 09:00 AM
I have some questions regarding the HUD and the Powers when being in space. Currently, I've got the rank of a captain with 4 bridge officers available in space.

1. Which "power-grids" do you use: Do you use the bar with the bridge officer icons and their dedicated powers or do you prefer to have all powers in one big single grid?

2. When I select the large single grid (3x10 slots) the small grid which shows the beam and torpedo weapon readiness is hidden. Is there a way to display it together with the large grid?

3. Concerning the large grid: It's already quite stuffed with all the powers. Is there a way to enlarge it to have more than 3 rows available?

4. Is there a fast way to see all of MY powers (coming from my captain)? When I hit P, all available powers are displayed but I cannot distinguish at one glance which are mine and which are derived from my bridge officers.

5. Is it sensible to equip a bridge officer several times with the same powers at different levels? For example, the powers "Reverse Shield Polarity" and "Emergency Power to Shields" are very important to me. So would it make sense to equip my engineering office with "Reverse Shield Polarity I", "Reverse Shield Polarity II", "Emergency Power to Shields II" and "Emergency Power to Shields III"? Or is this just a waste because of the cooldown timers and should I only use different powers?

Thanks in advance!

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