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09-22-2011, 11:26 PM
Windows Xp has worked just fine for me the really only problem i had was with Windows Xp 64bit there was too many issues with the 64bit version so i went back too 32bit version and have not had an issue.The only time i have an issue is when they i mean Cryptic does not fix some thing the right way other then that i never really had a i said it could be a fire wall issue or some Anti virus that you might be useing Have you tried cleaning out your computer Try CCcleaner and clean out your computer a little and see if that helps and try a HD defrag.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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09-22-2011, 11:38 PM
ive run cccleaner and defraged my system, but the problem still persists. ive turned off my firewall just to make sure that that isnt the issue, and that didnt work either

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