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# 1 Questions! Clarifications!
09-23-2011, 11:35 AM
I know two things. I am a tac captain, and I want to fly AHC - R or MVAE. The third thing I know that I didn't mention is that I am a min/maxer, so those who would respond to this thread with "Lol, PvE is so easy, do what you want!" STOP! Don't type that. I'm not saying it isn't valid input, It's just not the input I am asking for.

So, some questions...
I am looking at phasers or anti-proton for my weapon types. I figure if I go escort, anti-proton, and if I go AHC - R, phasers. (I am currently specced phasers, and have phaser weapons, would have to grind for the antiproton). Thoughts on this?

Are 3x ACC weapons still the way to go? Extra ACC goes to crit chance and severity, as I understand it?

What is the deal with HYT vs. Spread. Spread got better? HYT got worse? (btw, I use quants for my torp).

I think the conventional wisdom is to go full borg set for the MVAE and Borg set plus aegis shield for the cruiser? Is this still the case? Any nuances here I should know about?

I like to run a single DBB most of the time, regardless of what I'm doing, because it looks cool and makes fights look more canon, esp on escorts. I don't plan on using BOIII, because I don't have it and dont feel like spending the time to get it...I know some people say BOIII is like the ONLY reason to use the AHC - R, but I digress, is tossing a DBB on a complete waste of time in the excel without BO?

Power - Whats the deal here, I find much of what I read to be cryptic and contradictory...Can someone illucidate what optimal power skill allocations are given proper consoles, and BOffs?

Is the TE - R still inferior to the MVAE in terms of optimal output?

I have all these universal consoles that are from things like the oberth ( i think) aaaand the venture, etc. Wondering if these are all worth it or not...any input on that?

I know I said I was a min/maxer at the beginning, but it is more accurate to say that I WANT to be a min/maxer and that I also have a very strong aesthetics streak.

Ruminations, thoughts, experiences, builds, welcome!

*NOTE: All of this is for PvE. I don't do the PvPs.
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# 2
09-23-2011, 11:54 AM
If you want the canon look about things, stick with the phasers. IMO AP isn't worth the points to respec in.

As far as torps go... spread outdoes high yield by a large margin, so use spread 2 or spread 3 if you can get it... though spread 3 BOffs are going for 20mil+ on the exchange now.

You can fly the Excel-R without BO3... but why would you?

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