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08-29-2011, 10:08 PM
Ok after seeing what is out there and what I know I like, D&D style of RP is what I want and need in this game.
I also want to casual RP like I described in an earlier post but also some cool people to hang around with who love Star Trek as much as me or close to it with an emphasis on D&D style of RP or something like it.

After allot of info and from some really cool people, here is what I have experienced and found; Daedalus Fleet (are head and shoulders... forget that, they are clouds above the rest when it comes to D&D type of RP), 12th Fleet (who have the casual side of RP and cool people locked down), TOS Fleet (who have organization and the LOVING of Star Trek wrapped up!) and Task Force Delta (who have been active allot or at least on when I am on).

Anyone else out there?

Just want to bump this and see if any other groups or just cool people out there who wants to chirp in here. I just want to find the right place for me. I wish it was with my current fleet who I have been with since before beta but they are just not active anymore especially in RP or anything I like to do.

Its not that I don't have enough of wonderful options and people to choose from now, and its not like I wouldn't want to pick any of the options before me. Just want to make sure I research any and all options available to me or any I have not looked into myself. Just for the record, I DID go and look through the forums myself but there is more fleets just into fleet stuff and not RPing and didn't know if there wast anyone who might be starting a D&D type of RP in STO looking through the forums as well trying to find people like myself.

So anywho, bump bump and holla at a player!


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# 42 To Late?
09-22-2011, 08:10 AM
Captain Steel,

I'll understand if this message arrives to late to assist with your current deployment issues.
I am currently within Fluidic space and there was some damage to our transceiver array.

Even so I was deeply saddened to hear of your crew’s disservice at the hands of federation ships that did not respond to your distress call. I fear greatly the actual cost of the wars we are engaged in.

If you care to visit myself and my fleet you can find information on us on the following data links.


ACI Database

Even if you’re already deployed when I return I hope you will be kind enough to join me for a drink.

Captain Rtuza Anoyda
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09-22-2011, 11:13 AM

(receiving communicate)

This is Richard D. Steel

I am reading your perfectly Captain...

I have to admit I am surprised the Undine did not knock out Starfleet's long range sensor array.
Thats good for us, as well as the rest of the Fleets.

I graduated from the Academy, Class of 2413, and signed up for the 22nd Mobile Daedalus Omega. I am currently serving on board of the U.S.S. Okinami as a security officer, Jr grade. I appreciate your responding to my hails, even though. It is good to

*garbled communication, as another voice very similar interrupted the communication*

This is the U.S.S. WARTOWN, we are receiving your transmission...
This is Captain D.STEEL, I read you Captain Clarke, it seems like your responding to an older signal using an out of date encryption code, even though it is still valid amongst Starfleet for the last 18 years. *signal distortion* I do appreciate your response to my hails and I am currently looking for anyone who just loves RPing to fulfill my Star Trek Career and expand the perimeters of sector space. The WARTOWN is currently on patrol through out the Alpha Quadrant and has been since 96495.89 (2423). If your ever around sector space hit me up and I would love to grab a drink or just RP with you and your fleet. *signal distortion* My crew stands ready *signal distortion* and look forward to *signal distortion* with you and yo*signal interruption...garbled communication* if I am ever in the area *signal distortion and clears* I would like to grab a drink with you and your crew. Peace be with you and safe journeys.

Thanks again and Ensign Steel out

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09-23-2011, 12:37 PM

Well met!

We are building a nice wing of RP within the TOS Veterans. In addition to RP, we also quest, raid and PVP.

Our RP roadmap is to host both community and TOS Veterans lore specific events at least twice a month. However, we also have open RP every Friday night. Tonight @ 8:30pm EST, in fact, we will be hosting an RP 101. This will be a fun event to help those unfamiliar with RP learn a little bit about it and also allow experienced RPers to brush up on their RP chops. Since this event will be held in a ship interior, simply send a tell to Saruk@aharon for an invite.

Additionally, we'll be hosting a couple of storyline events starting next Tues. night the 27th @7:30pm EST. The events will be a co-operative storyline with the Trust and other RP fleets. For the 27th we are looking for a few "Red Shirt" (i.e. dispensable characters). Generally, all of us from TOS will be playing Red Shirts. Again you can message me for that event as well.

We are working on calendar of events for Oct. as well and hope to host a variety of "meet & greets" and more storyline events. We have a lot planned for the future. And if you ever just want to RP a bit with your own scenarios please don't hesitate to contact me!
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09-23-2011, 01:57 PM
Aharon, a little off topic but i wanted to mention i have occasionally run across some of your TOS Vet gang and always have been courtious and rp very well!

Good folks too! Hope to see you out there I think a lot of the DO, 12th and TFD gang would really get along with them very well and have some good rp!

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