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# 1 Is there a RP Fleet.
09-03-2011, 11:23 PM
So just curious if there was a heavy RP Fleet out there. I was told this game had an abundance of RP in it but so far I have only seen sparse RP at the academy. Just curious if there was any "organized" RP or if you just walk around for hours and hope for the best?
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# 2
09-04-2011, 01:08 AM
Psssst!!!! Pssssssssssssssssssst, Hey There.....erm, ignore the large net behind me for a while, that's in case these negotiations donít go according to plan.

I couldnít help noticing that you are looking for a fleet, well I just might have the information youíre looking for, and whatís more itís not going to cost you even one gold pressed latinum...
Word on Earth Space Dock is that the 12th fleet is THE place to be....

Not only are the bustling, active, friendly and very well set up, they also have members from all over the galaxy so there is always someone around to chat to, play with, and more importantly make those important connections that may help with acquisitions.

The have a dedicated TS Server, and run many events that everyone is welcome to including PVP and STFís, infact they pretty much have a division set up to tailor make your game experience what YOU want!!!

Interested in RP they also have a busy and bustling RP division that has lots of fun every weekend with player crewed ships being worked on right now!!!, as well as forum RPs and creative writing.

Promotions are easy to earn and by a little effort youíll find your career practically taking flight.., plus they understand that this is a game, and real life always comes first so they keep it casual and light...nothing heavy man!!!

And you ask if theyíre friendly, well they are friendlier than a holosuite full of orion slave girls!!! you should totally check it out....come on canít you feel those lobes tingling!!!

As an aside to this the 12th Fleet is not a heavey RP fleet meaning that we RP ALL the time, but we do have a thriving RP division, and last night quite a few of us were doing what we call informal RPIng at Quarks in DS9. Basically rping R and R in order to further develop our characters before the organised RP starts.
At the moment we are just starting our Player Crewed Ships RP's at the weekends! it's definitely worth checking out, it's brought so much to my game, and I have not RP'd with such laid back but also professional RPers in any MMO.

Well worth a look....

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# 3
09-04-2011, 05:52 AM

Your looking for a RP community...I can think of two, that's not to say there is not more out there...

1) 12th Fleet
2) Daedalus Omega Fleet

From what I have read, and please feel to correct me those from each of these fleet's, 12th is a casual RP, with it's own Role Play division "medical" and Daedalus Omega is a heavy RP community.

So. that's the word in the galaxy at that moment, ...but what would I know, I'm only a Romulan sitting here at my desk, thinking of Star Fleet messages I may, or may not have intercepted.
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# 4 Bad Week?
09-22-2011, 06:47 AM
Hello Officer Shaw,

My name is Captain Anoyda, currently Co of the Uss Bristol and memeber of the ACI.

I did try to meet with you twice before but found out you had gone missing after being seen surrounded by members of '12th' a well known group...

then I was told you were being watched by starfleet security due to contact with a known romulan sp...spiritual guide...

If your still not kidnapped or in prison then perhaps you would care to seek me out at the ACI.

Use this Datalink.

look up further information with this one.

I hope your life is always this interesting.

Capt Anodya.
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# 5
09-24-2011, 01:00 PM
Originally Posted by Alextar
Your looking for a RP community...I can think of two, that's not to say there is not more out there...

1) 12th Fleet
2) Daedalus Omega Fleet
There are a few other fleets that RP as well like the TOS Veterans, the TNG Veterans and the TOS Qan Mang Fleets but they are a mature (+30) fleet.

The 12th Fleet and Daedalus Omega Fleet are well respected fleets and we often send (pre 30 year olds) in their direction. Or even members of ours that forget their TOS uniforms lol

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